2016 Autumn Term Newsletter

Welcome to our New Children, Parents and Staff

With a new school year comes new faces. Welcome to everyone old and new! We hope that you all had a lovely summer break and feeling ready for the new term. We will do our best to make sure everyone settles in quickly.

We would like to introduce you to our 2 new members of staff;

1) Frannie Brown – she has her Early years Teacher Status and a BA in Early Childhood Studies and has worked in Early Years settings for over 20yrs.

2) Dinah Richardson – is qualified Level 3 with a diploma in Pre-School Practice and has also been working in the early years settings for over 20 years.

With such qualified, knowledgeable and lovely staff coming on board our children couldn’t be luckier! So when you see them please make your self know to them.



We have migrated our online observation system, Tapestry, to its most recent version. In order to access it please go the new web address www.tapestryjournal.com,

If you have downloaded the Tapestry app onto your phone or tablet, please make sure you have the most recent downloaded.

If you have difficulty accessing Tapestry please let Francesca know.



With so many new faces as well as faces we haven’t seen for a few weeks we will be concentrating our planning learning “All About Me”

We will be looking at how children have grown and what they can do.

Has your child had any milestones this summer? Conquered potty training, learnt to swim, became an older sibling. If so, please be sure to let your child’s Key Person know.



It’s hard to think that winter is fast approaching; however it is. When it hits please make sure that your child is wearing enough layers to stay warm and pack extra in their bag.

In order to help you not forget, we will be attaching a kit list reminder card to your child’s bag.

As quoted by Alfred Wainwright “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing


Farm Produce

Fruit and Vegetables

The farm harvests a number of different fruit and vegetables throughout the year so we now have a produce cart where our freshest seasonal produce will be for sale using an honesty box system. So please tuck in and enjoy!


We also have a clear-topped freezer in the office, which sells all of our meat. Please come in and take a look. We will be offering 10% discount on any meat sold until the end of October.

**All our produce is certified organic**

Don’t have money with you? Not to worry, let Francesca know and she will add it to your next invoice.


Parenting Tip – Fussy Eaters

Most pre-school children will, at some time, experience some problems over eating; they may only eat a small number of different foods, eat very little or even refuse eating altogether. It will most likely be a passing stage so please don’t panic.

Here are some tips to encourage your child to eat…

  • Do have structured meal times. Don’t rush and avoid talking about food.
  • Do Praise your child when they try something new
  • Do get your child involved with cooking, as this will more likely to eat a meal they’ve helped prepare.
  • Do think of different ways to present foods e.g. puree vegetables into a mince based dish
  • Do let your child serve themselves
  • Do keep trying! Children’s tastes change overtime. It can take up to 8 to 10 attempts to get a child to eat a new food.

What to avoid doing…

  • Don’t get cross, refusing food loses its appeal if you don’t react
  • Don’t provide an alternative meal, remove the meal without comment and maybe offer bread and butter and a glass of milk.

Dates for your Diary

Here are some handy dates to keep in mind:

  • Half Term: 24th – 28th October

Holiday clubs are running over half term so don’t forget to book your child in.