Learning Benefits of Water Play

Who doesn’t love playing with water?

Puddles, spray bottles, garden sprinklers and wading pools bring gleeful memories of childhood to most people.

Children have a natural affinity for water play, but how does it engage young children in meaningful learning.

Water play allows children to…

• Work independently
• Co-operate, take turns, share equipment and respect ideas of others
• Experience the therapeutic value of water play
• Learn how to use water safely and understand rules for water play
• Enjoy the sensory nature of water by adding colours, other items e.g. glitter, varying temperature
• Learn how to work as part of a group e.g. holding funnel whilst another child pours
• Extend imagination through the addition of other resources e.g. boats, wood, sea shore items
• Become confident at carrying out a range of activities in the water e.g. pouring, blowing bubbles
• Explore personal hygiene e.g. using soap, washing dolls, clothes