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where every little bud blossoms

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reinventing early years education

An OFSTED OUTSTANDING setting located in a peaceful, beautiful learning environment to help children thrive as they grow.

our vision

in a nutshell, more or less

sowing seeds for a caring generation

Our curriculum is designed to produce confident, creative and caring children who will develop into productive, generous and engaged adults. See our approach here

open air, planet care

The children will enjoy a diverse day involving up to 90% of the day learning about the world outdoors. At Natural Nurture, children can thrive in a safe, natural and spacious environment. See our philosophy here...

growing imaginations

At Natural Nurture, we encourage early engagement with the arts, music and other cultural experiences. We have many activities to interest, intrigue and inspire. See our curriculum here...

equality & diversity

We encourage children to learn about the people with whom they share the world and to respect their cultures and beliefs. We aim to meet the needs of EVERY child. See our approach to the EYFS here...





who are we

we’re great, just ask our kids


Founder & Owner
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Nursery Manager
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Ops Manager
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Deputy Manager
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Nursery Assistant
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Nursery Assistant
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Nursery Assistant
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Deputy Manager
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Nursery Assistant
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Nursery Assistant
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Nursery Assistant
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  • “Tractors, animals and the great outdoors…
    What more can a little boy ask for?! You guys are obviously doing a good job, and have a great setting, and a great ethos” — Noah’s Mum
  • “If you can also pass to the rest of the team there that my husband and I are so happy with the way Joe has settled in since last week. You are obviously all doing a brilliant job” — Jo’s Mum
  • “My husband and I are thrilled that someone has gone to the trouble of breaking away from the usual mood, to provide such excellent care and education for children of pre-school age” — Isabelle’s Mum
  • “My daughter has settled really well and asks to go to ‘farm school’ on her days off! Thank you to all the team for helping with an easy transition”
    Bea’s Mum

outdoor learning is proven to reduce stress in children and boost performance


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