Learning Benefits of Arts & Craft

Arts and craft opens new doors of experience by helping children to see the world around them in new ways. It sharpens their powers of observation, heightens their sense of appreciation, and awakens them to the possibilities of their own hands, hearts, and minds. Click on the tabs below to find out what they learn… Literacy

Learning Benefits of Snack Time

Building independent doers and thinkers is one of the goals of early childhood education. Snack time is a terrific time to let children learn all sorts of things… Literacy

Learning Benefits of Cooking

“Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity” Cooking allows children to…

Learning Benefits of Woodland Walks

“Yet, at the very moment that the bond is breaking between the young and the natural world, a growing body of research links our mental, physical, and spiritual health directly to our association with nature – in positive ways.” Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods Nature walks help children to;

Learning Benefits of Construction Play

Construction play involves manipulating one or multiple elements of the play environment to construct something new. This may involve all sorts of construction methods – stacking, assembling, disassembling, sorting or moulding, to name a few. Construction play allows the children to;

Learning Benefits of Animal Feeding

Who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with the farms chickens, pigs, sheep? It’s not an activity many get to experience in their life unless you have attended Natural Nurture. Not only is it fun but there are many benefits to feeding the animals. They are;

Learning Benefits of Water Play

Who doesn’t love playing with water? Puddles, spray bottles, garden sprinklers and wading pools bring gleeful memories of childhood to most people. Children have a natural affinity for water play, but how does it engage young children in meaningful learning. Water play allows children to…

Learning Benefits of Sand Play

Most children enjoy sand play throughout their early years, and purposeful, self-directed play in this area can make an enormous contribution to a child’s development. See below to discover how…

Learning Benefits of Circle Time

‘Circle time’ is a term used to describe a time when the whole class meets together, sitting in a circle, either on the floor or on chairs. But it isn’t as simple as that. It’s a carefully planned time in which children can develop a wide range of skills and attitudes such as confidence, self-esteem, talking and listening. Circle time …